Agencies & Freelancers: Get more out of invoicing

B2C companies (i.e. Amazon or Starbucks) have custom payment apps because it lets them control the experience. AloaPay brings this control to B2B invoicing.
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$2.5 Billion

What Amazon® generates (at min) annually due to 1-click pay


What the average SMB is currently owed in outstanding invoices

When you make it easier to pay...

↓ Friction, ↑ Spending

  • Improve referrals with custom credits
  • Ease of Pay -> Happier customers & more trust
  • Easier to Add Additional Invoices

70% Decrease

In Collection Times
  • AutoPay & Recurring Pay
  • 1-click Pay
  • Auto Late Fee or Early Pay Incentive

0 hours

Time spent following up on unpaid invoices
  • Custom Email Sequencing
  • Unparalleled Organization & Analytics
  • No Manual Following Up

0 hours

Time spent digging through emails
  • Unparalleled Organization & Analytics
  • All clients and their invoices on one dashboard
  • Track progress & status of all your active clients

Bonus 🎉

Clients pay with credit card? Up to 80%↓ in transaction fees with AloaPay’s 1-click ACH

See how we pair up....

Generate a custom link, every time
Generate a custom link, every time
No matter the client, you'll always have it
< 50 clients - $10/mo + $10/mo/user
Pro tier: $150/month tier, plus 25 user limit
They don’t have it...good luck!
They don’t have it...good luck!
$150/month tier, plus 25 user limit
$20/mo + $20/mo/user
Set the schedule and we'll do the rest
Take it all yourself or split it up how you feel!
Nope, it is either on you or it is on them, your pick
1% fee ($50 cap for enterprise clients)
.80% with a $5 cap, per transaction
Old look and feel - our objective opinion
To an extent - you can utilize their API
Plus Tier: $10/mo + $10/mo/user
Adv. Tier: $20/mo + $20/mo/user
Clean dash, easy nav, custom reporting
We’ve got web hooks - go crazy!
0.95% platform fee
Our fee scales down as volume increases
Nope - add it as a line item or you can pay it
1% fee + $10 cap, per transaction
No matter the client, always 1-click pay
Customize it to your satisfaction!
Custom branded referral credits
They don’t have it...good luck!
Only late fee, no early-pay incentive
Messy to navigate - our objective opinion
To an extent - you can utilize their API
Plus tier: $70/mo for 5 users
Adv. Tier: $150/mo for 25 users
1-click pay
Referral Credits
YOU Control 
Transaction Fees
Custom Email Sequence Reminder
Auto Late Fee or Early Pay Incentive
Lowest ACH Fee
Unparalleled Organization
Custom Integrations
AutoPay & Recurring Pay

Works with your accounting software

AloaPay integrates with Quickbooks, Xero and other major accounting softwares (with more being added every month).

We also have a Zapier Integration so you can connect AloaPay to 3,000+ apps and automate your workflow

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ACH has never been easier

AES 256 encryption

You are in control of your data

PCI Compliant

No sensitive data are stored on our servers

Privacy & Security built in

AloaPay was built with privacy and security in mind. We leverage third party services such as Stripe and Plaid to ensure that no sensitive data (CC or Bank Info) are stored on our servers. We are fully PCI compliant.

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